Comparative overview of basic data for sub-sections (not including the priory section1) of the Bar-Boljare highway2
1. Lenght (km)3 21 18 56 34 129
2. Construction Period (years) 3 3 5 4  
3. Budget (eur) – Estimate4 294.840.000,00 233.121.951,72 731.160.000,00 440.640.000,0 1.699.761.951,72
– Technical Documentation (Preliminary and Main Design with supporting documents – Environmental Impact Assessment, Feasibility Study) 13.650.000,00 10.792.682,95 33.850.000,00 20.400.000,00 78.692.682,95
– Construction5 273.000.000,00 215.853.659,00 677.000.000,00 408.000.000,00 1.573.853.659,00
– Supervision 8.190.000,00 6.475.609,77 20.310.000,00 12.240.000,00 47.215.609,77
4. Overview of previously prepared documents a) General Design (Conceptual Design);

b) Elaborate of detailed geotechnical investigations at the level of Preliminary Design;

c) Terms of Reference for Preliminary Designt;

d) Urbanistic and Technical Requirements for the preparation of technical documentation for the Bar-Boljare highway construction, section Matesevo-Boljare.

a) General Design (Conceptual Design). a) General Design (Conceptual Design). a) General Design (Conceptual Design) Djurmani – Tanki rt;

b) Preliminary Design Djurmani – Tanki Rt;

c) Main Design Djurmani – Virpazar;

d) General Design;

e) (Conceptual Design) Tanki Rt – Farmaci.

1 The priority section Smokovac-Uvac-Matesevo of the Bar-Boljare highway is currently under construction, based on the FIDIC Yellow Book. The contract price for design (preparation of the Main Design) and construction amounts to EUR 809,577,356.14.

2 A phased Project implementation is defined under the Detailed Spatial Plan of the Bar-Boljare highway (2008):

  • Phase I: Smokovac-Matesevo,
  • Phase II: Matesevo-Andrijevica and a bypass on the section Smokovac – Tolosi – Farmaci,
  • Phase III: Andrijevica – Boljare,
  • Phase IV: Podgorica – Djurmani.

3 The lengths shown may vary depending on the chosen variant solution when designing the Main Design.

4 The amounts shown are only an indicative estimate, based on the currently available documentation and based on the current market prices for similar projects and the requirements for their implementation, because it is difficult to provide a more accurate estimation of costs at the existing level of available documentation.

5 Expropriation costs are not included in the estimated amount, because at the existing level of available technical documentation for the realization of the Bar-Boljare highway section, it is difficult to estimate the possible range of expropriation costs.